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Pearl Carter’s life is quickly changed in 1928 when the high-spirited 12-year-old steps into the plane of legendary aviator Wiley Post. That short flight opened the young Chickasaw girl’s eyes to a dream as big as the blue skies over her small Oklahoma hometown.

Her father, blind businessman, George Carter, has the vision to support that dream and by 13, Pearl was piloting her father and other area businessman around the state in her Curtis-Robin airplane. By age 14, she had become an air show celebrity, known for her skill as a pilot, and for her intrepid spirit.

Soon after Pearl falls in love and elopes, this teenager from a prosperous home encounters the harsh challenges of a young wife and mother starting her own family during the Great Depression.

Faced with a difficult dilemma concerning career and family, Pearl finds the courage and strength of character to rise above the pressure and remain true to her heart’s desire.

A Chickasaw Nation Production
Bill Anoatubby, Governor
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